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i fixed "Top Gear 2" and "Archon" for Kick2.05 (Amiga-600)
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Author:  AW72 [ Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  i fixed "Top Gear 2" and "Archon" for Kick2.05 (Amiga-600)

i have here some interesting files, especially for "ARCHON" fans, that have an Amiga-600.

long time i searched on the internet, without success,for a version of "ARCHON", which will work on my Amiga-600 (Kick2.05 (37.299)). i like this game very much and in the last days, i tried around lots of things, to get it to work on a higher kickstart, without that the game hangs. finally i succeed. we have now Archon for Kick2.05.

Both Archon-Games are very sensitive, when it comes to higher Kickstarts then 1.2 (1.3 in patched version) or more then 512kb Ram. This fixed version here, can also be started with 2MB or even more RAM, it dont take care about now. On Kick1.2, Kick1.3 and Kick3.1 this version will make troubles, its just for Kick2.05, which the most Amiga-600 have inside. i am sure, its the only Archon-version on an adf in the internet now, that will not hang on a higher kick then 1.3. until now, only the WHD-Load-versions works under all higher kickstarts. but the WHD-Load-versions of the ARCHON-Games needs more Ram then the standard-1MB-Chip. my adf-version here not, it will run on every A600 now. the game needs a little bit to load and start - simply wait, it will work. by the way, this game should be played using for both teams the mode "ADVANCED", then figures have the best speed and game makes much fun. :P

Next game is "TOP GEAR 2". the normal adf-versions, that can be found in the net, works normally on a A500 (with Kick 1.3 - 512kb fastram and 512kb chipram) but not on a normal A600 (Kick2.05 - 1MB chipram). there comes the message "not enough memory" and the game stops loading, even when you turn-off all external drives. normal version only works on an Amiga-600 when you have at least 2MB memory. this is fixed now in this version and it will work on every A600 with 1MB now, but external drives must be turned-off.

Third game is "Stuntcar-Racer (Super-Division)", which is much harder then the normal game, because you start directly in the super-division with faster gameplay and harder opponents. this version runs on kick1.3 and kick2.05 too.

The last file is for Amiga-500 with Kick1.3 or the Minimig when Kick1.3 runs. It`s the patched "Archon Compilation", that will make no problems at all now with Kick1.3 and more Ram than 512kb. About this patch, i wrote almost 1,5 years ago, in the thread "write here about software which makes problems until now". with this patched file, turning-off Fastram and Kick1.2 is not necessary anymore for the "Archon Compilation". it runs normal under Kick1.3 with as much memory as you want. i thought i put this together here with the fixed kick2.05-versions, than all ARCHON-fans can be satisfied.

Have fun with this files. :P costs me lot of time to make it, that "ARCHON" don`t produce a Guru in Kick2.05 when it`s an adf-file.

simply rename files from pdf to adf. 8-)


Okay, even when this games are very old, i dont want that the forum maybe get problems because of copyright-things (if there is still?). so the links are removed. If somebody is interested on this fixes, PM to me.

Author:  AW72 [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: i fixed "Top Gear 2" and "Archon" for Kick2.05 (Amiga-60

My fixed Disk-Versions (they all have the logogram "Miami Bass" in the name) were added now to the Amiga-Gamebase on:

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